Responsible Gambling


1.1 Entzone Limited doing business as “Surebet” (“Company”, “Us”, “Surebet”) supports and promotes responsible gambling. We want our customers to have a good time when gambling, therefore we’ll encourage them to do so within their financial limits. Surebet is devoted to advocating responsible betting among its players as well as increasing the gambling awareness, enhancing prevention, intervention, and treatment.

1.2 This Responsible Gambling Policy (the “Policy”) has been established to:

1.2.1 Establish a responsible gaming atmosphere by managing the possible harm linked to gaming addiction.

1.2.2 Educate and enlighten Players, workers, members, and the local community on the danger linked with gaming.

1.2.3 Responsible gambling in Nigeria must adhere to all applicable laws of law and regulation.

1.3 Before utilizing Surebet’s online gaming platform, players must read this Policy in its entirety. Stop using our service immediately if you disagree with any part of this Policy.

1.4 It is important to review this Policy alongside the Surebet Terms & Conditions and any other relevant terms that may be present on the Surebet online gaming platform.


2.1 Any Player who opens an account, gambles, puts a wager, or deposits money into his wallet on Surebet’s online gaming platform is subject to this Policy.


3.1 Persons under the age of 18 are considered to be “underage.

3.2 Surebet will publish warnings on its website prohibiting use by anyone under the age of 21 in an attempt to deter minors from engaging in any kind of online gambling or sports betting.

3.3 Underage users cannot register for Surebet or participate in any of the site’s games. Surebet has the right to ask for identification and verify any information supplied.

3.4 Players should never share their login information with anybody and should always log out of any shared computer, mobile device, or other technological equipment.

3.5 Minors’ falsely established accounts will be disabled under section. After reaching legal age, the Player may register a new account using their proper identity information.


4.1 The following actions are forbidden, deemed improper, and undesirable by Surebet:

4.1.1 Swearing, racial slurs, or other profanities.

4.1.2 Disparaging language.

4.1.3 Bullying.

4.1.4 Excessive profanity.

4.1.5 Harassment and threats to safety.

4.1.6 Cheating.

4.1.7 The deliberate use of a technological flaw.

4.1.8 Scamming.

4.2 Account suspension and closure are the punishments for the aforementioned actions. If a player feels he has been unfairly punished, he may request a review of the situation by contacting us at undefined.


5.1 These are outward manifestations of a gaming addiction:

5.1.1 A gambling addiction and a decline in interest in other facets of life.

5.1.2 Ignoring job and personal duties to concentrate on gambling outcomes.

5.1.3 Loss of self-control and inability to resist impulsive or persistent cravings to gamble while knowing the chances are stacked against you.

5.1.4 An increase in monetary outlays indicative of a growing appetite for gambling and the associated risks and pleasures.

5.1.5 Broken relationships as a result of gaming too much.

5.1.6 Lackadaisical attitude towards work included absenteeism from work or overall lack of focus that makes performance of duties effectively difficult.

5.1.6 A careless approach to work, such as missing work or not being able to focus on anything at all, which makes it hard to get things done.

5.1.7 Hiding the time and money spent gambling from loved ones.

5.1.8 The player’s rejection of an addiction to gaming.


6.1. The actions listed below might lessen the possibility of issues developing and make your gaming experience safer:

6.1.1 Playing video games is meant to be fun. Limit your gambling if it’s become a source of stress rather than entertainment.

6.1.2 Anticipate defeat. The chances of winning are low at best. Think of your losses as the price you paid for fun, and your wins as a gift.

6.1.3 Limit the amount of money you may spend on wagers. You should stop betting or depositing when you achieve your limit, regardless of whether you are up or behind.

6.1.4 A time limit should be set and followed. Whether you’re up or behind, once you exceed the time limit, you must stop gambling immediately.

6.1.5 Strive for moderation in all of your everyday endeavors. Friends, family, job, and other productive pursuits are more important than gambling.

6.1.6 Do not pursue lost funds. The more you attempt to get your money back, the larger your losses will likely become.

6.1.7 Do not use gambling as a means of relieving stress or distress. Addiction is possible if one gambles for motives other than pure amusement.

6.1.8 Learn the warning signs of compulsive gambling. As a result, you may make wiser choices.

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