How to Book a Bet: A Comprehensive Guide

With countless sporting events throughout the year, you can easily bet on a preferred sport at SureBet. The betting site provides gamblers in Naija and globally with the best odds.

Besides sports betting, you can spin reels and play other casino games from your comfort zone. Presently, it is possible to place advance bets for upcoming matches.
How do you go about betting in advance? Read our resourceful guide covering details on how to book a bet today.


What Does it Mean to ‘Book a Bet’?

To book a bet means you select a match or sporting event, place a wager, and receive a physical bet slip at the outlet within your location. When you book a bet, you will take the bet confirmation slip to an agent who will place the wager on your behalf.

When booking a bet, the main difference is that you will pay the bet amount to a Sure Bet agent at the physical store. This provision eliminates the need for online transactions.

How to Bet When You Book a Bet

The first step is deciding on the games and matches you want to stake. Betting on one match would be easier, but you must be sure of the one you want to bet on.
Once you have selected the matches, the next step involves selecting and compiling favorable odds. You do this to ensure you have all your predictions the way you can guess the outcome.

Sure Bet will generate a code to prove you have booked a bet – this is what you will give the agent at the physical outlet in NG.
It could sound challenging or not, based on the platform you bet on (website or mobile). Also, a beginner might have issues, but you can follow these prompts and know how to place bet codes for booked wagers:

  • Check the sportsbook tab and select the desired matches and the preferred matches;
  • Click the ‘book a bet’ tab;
  • Next, you will see a bet slip pop-up icon;
  • Input the stake amount you want to bet with and click the ‘bet now’ icon;
  • You will see a bet confirmation message to validate your Bet – a bet code will appear on your screen;
  • You can print the bet code and take it to an agent at one of SureBet’s offices in Nigeria and other locations.

How to Place Bet Types

Whether you want to know how to bet or are familiar with gambling, you cannot overlook the available bet options. There are several bet types on the betting site, and they vary based on the selected sports discipline. Here are the most common wager types covering popular betting markets:

  • Moneyline bets are the easiest to understand – the prediction comes from the team or player with the highest chance of winning;
  • Point spread bets are margin-based, in which the favorite team has negative odds and must cover the margin for your Bet to win;
  • Totals, also marked as over/under bets, are score-based. This type of Bet means you wager primarily on the number of scores a team or player will strike in a match;
  • Parlays are bet types that combine multiple possibilities in one wager. The most exciting thing in parlays is the potential payout. However, all the outcomes predicted in the Bet must be correct for your Bet to win;
  • Outrights are outcome-based bets, primarily focusing on who will win a match or tournament;
  • Another exciting bet type is prop bets. In this case, you predict what could happen in a match (stats) and not necessarily the outcome. For instance, you can bet on stats like the first team or player to score, points or goals to score in the first half, fouls, yellow/red cards, corners, and many more event-related games.

How to Play Bet Online

Suppose you are outside Naija and its environs and still want to bet! In that case, the Sure Bet gambling website allows online betting, a convenient way of predicting outcomes regardless of your location. Here is how to bet online hassle-free:

  • Visit sure-bet.NG
  • The first step is to head over to Surebet homepage from your browser. Our betting site is perfect for novices and experienced bettors. We provide an intuitive design and layout to ensure you can navigate and execute different functions, including placing wagers seamlessly.

  • Create an account
  • The next step is to create an account by clicking the ‘Register’ tab. Setting up an account is vital for all first-time users. The registration process is straightforward; you will provide your basic details (email, phone number, age, name, and password).

    If you have a bonus code, submit it to redeem promotional offers. Next, consent to the site’s policies and that you are above 18. For users with a betting account on the website, click ‘login’ to get started.

  • Select a bet
  • The website has countless bet options, subject to multiple sporting actions. You can select any available ones and view them to assess the odds. It can be the perfect time to analyze the possibilities represented in the odds.

  • Wager
  • Once you have found the correct Bet, it is time to stake on the event. If you want to book a bet, you will only enter the bet amount at that time but complete the rest of the transactions at the representative’s office.

    In this case, you will receive a randomly generated code, which you should take to the agent. You should copy this code to present it for betting. Note that you cannot modify booked bets at the representative’s office. Also, the odds can change from when you book to when you place the wager.

  • Go to the betting agent
  • SureBet’s agents in Nigeria are readily available to help with completing the bet. You will present the digital or printed code for receipt confirmation.

  • Complete the Bet
  • The representative should help you at this stage. For instance, the individual might explain to you if there have been any changes in the preferred odds.
    If you don’t have second thoughts and are satisfied with your selection, you can place the Bet. The agent will ask for the required bet amount to complete the Bet.

Advantages of Booking a Bet

Now that you know how to place bet options, why should you consider booking a bet? Here are reasons this might be the perfect way to wager:

  • It comes with the possibility of winning money. Like any bettor would wager online, booking a bet comes with the chance of bagging cash if the prediction is correct.
  • Betting is entertaining, even when you book a wager.
  • You don’t have to go through bet confirmation details – an experienced agent will help process the bet details and submit them on your behalf.
  • You can make an informed decision. In most cases, the representatives take the time to explain to you what the preferred Bet entails.
  • Booking a bet reduces the need for jeopardizing your financial details. Though online betting is safe and secure, your data could be vulnerable. But booking a bet means you won’t submit your credentials online. Instead, you will give an agent the money to process a bet.
  • It comes with convenience. Picture this: you spot the perfect odds but don’t have money in your account to bet, or the site doesn’t have the preferred payment method. Such experiences are frustrating, and you could miss a chance to maximize a lucrative opportunity. However, booking a bet makes it easier to select odds and get a code to present to an agent who will help complete the booked Bet. You don’t have to go through the trouble of loading your account and catering to transaction costs.
  • Booking a bet eliminates the need to sign up and create a betting account.

Disadvantages of Booking a Bet

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of how to play Bet by booking, there are a few things that may be disadvantageous when it comes to this perfect option. The cons of booking a bet include the following:

  • Agents may not be available 24/7. Booking a bet means going to a physical outlet to complete the process. However, the time factor could be an issue because most outlets may not operate at odd hours, reducing the possibility of wagering on events that could be scheduled within the timeframe when the agent is unavailable.
  • You could copy the incorrect code or mistyped it. A bettor can easily mistype a code inaccurately and may have issues retrieving it on time. Always copy and paste or write the code manually to avoid such encounters.
  • The odds could change. Any bettor should know bets keep changing as the scheduled match approaches. Such scenarios happen because oddsmakers keep collecting data that is useful in making odds. For instance, a lineup that will miss the most decisive player can affect the match’s outcome, hence a change in odds.
  • Conclusion

    Betting should be straightforward, but, at times, some bettors can be skeptical about processing transactions online. Besides, the listed payment methods may not be among a bettor’s preferred options.

    In such cases, consider booking a bet in NG, Nigeria. This option is user-friendly, and you can wager on matches with the help of an agent in your location. Once you know how to bet online, go ahead and book a bet and complete the last step at a physical lobby.

    FAQ of Booking a Bet

    Do I Need Money in My Betting Slip to Book a Bet?

    No, this is not the case when booking a bet. However, you will give the betting site’s representative cash at the physical outlet to place a wager successfully. Alternatively, provide a debit/credit card to process the transaction.

    What is to Book a Bet?

    It refers to selecting matches and odds online to get a generated code that will be presented to an agent at a land-based casino, who will place the Bet on your behalf.

    Can You Win When You Book a Bet?

    Yes, the main principle for a bet to win is that the predictions must match the outcomes. Therefore, it is a matter of luck, and you stand a chance of winning if you know how to analyze a match and possible outcomes before selecting the preferred odds.

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